We certainly have bought 4 tickets from Katowice pyrzowice to Kiev in relation to one and half year in the past. We now have one significant problem: ways to get since Krakow airport transfer to be able to Katowice air-port. Which are the alternatives? There are actually few possibilities: your individual auto, buses through Krakow to Katowice airport, vehicles from Krakow to be able to Katowice bus station and from Katowice pyrzowice bus station to Katowice airport terminal, private rapace and taxi. From City to Katowice air port is about a hundred km (about one hour) naturally when we go through freeway (partially paid). Once we believe own automobile we need to check where we can park your car. Expense depend on exactly where and how very long it will end there. Needless to say ask your own personal friend to receive someone to airport. When your have no buddies in Krakow or they don\'t have got a period, you could rent an individual shuttle bus. Frequently seek this in Google Lookup, such as. \"Katowice air-port transfers\". Insurers offer a premium quality services with air-conditioning. You don\'t have to thinking about nothing, just declare where you reside and they\'re going to consider you to typically the airport. Furthermore you should to begin with get to bus station because rush time this it the way through targeted traffic jams. Not as comfortable opportunity would be to take the bus through bus station in Krakow. A single part of buses is going to on to airport by means of highway and don\'t stop in between Krakow and Katowice and sometimes are generally crowded. Next part of busses is going coming from Krakow bus stop to Katowice tour bus station, cease on bus areas between Krakow in addition to Katowice and also often usually are crowded

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